Setting Up Cloudflare and Adding a New User

As a modern tool that every website should be utilizing, Cloudflare protects from threats while ensuring reliability for external-facing websites, applications, or APIs. With several plan options ranging from a basic free version that fulfills most website needs to an Enterprise option that expands tools, support, and reporting options, Cloudflare is an absolute must for any modern website that wants to achieve optimal growth and security.

This support article will look at the steps required to set up a new Cloudflare account for a website and the additional process of adding a secondary user. By completing these steps, businesses or website owners will ensure that their chosen administrative partner will be able to access the backend resources needed to impact their data safety and website reliability positively. Although, it is vital to ensure that the business owner is setting up the account initially and not an employee to protect the username and password in the future.

Cloudflare page in mobile

Setup Cloudflare And Add A New Administrator

To setup Cloudflare for your website and add a new administrator, follow these six steps:

  • 1 Visit the Cloudflare website and locate the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner. Click this button, then enter your chosen Email and Password. Click “Create Account” to continue.

  • 2 Add your website URL in the “Site” field and click the “Add Site” button to continue. Your URL does not need to contain an HTTP:// or HTTPS:// tag for this setup to be completed successfully.

  • 3 Login to the Email address used during the setup process and search for an account confirmation link. Click this link to verify your email address with Cloudflare.

  • 4 After the confirmation link is clicked, return to your Cloudflare account and click the Avatar of a person on the top right. This should open a list of new options. Choose “Account Home” to access additional features.

  • 5 Once the page loads, look for the second tab that is labeled “Members.” Click on this tab to invite new users to be administrators.

  • 6 Add the requested administrator’s email address in the “Invite Members” field, then click the “Invite” button to continue. For Maennche VCMO clients, the email used should be [email protected].

Once these steps are completed, your administrative partner will now have access to the Cloudflare account without the need for your credentials. This means that they can configure the needed settings and complete setup to protect your website and ensure reliability. If your needs change, administrators can also be removed from the same page.

If you are still having trouble setting up a new account or adding an administrator to your Cloudflare,
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