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It's easy to overlook, but much of the technology we depend on every day is powered by software. From the GPS guiding you to your next business meeting along the quickest path, the voice-activated coffee pot that starts your morning right, to the email client keeping you connected with the world—software is integral. Without the advancements in software development, many of the conveniences we cherish wouldn't be as effective or enjoyable.

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Maennche Software Services boasts over two decades of excellence in custom software development, serving businesses of all sizes. We're dedicated to meeting your software needs efficiently, ensuring every project is completed on time and within budget. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction drives us to deliver tailored solutions that contribute to your success.

While we can work with nearly any framework you have in mind, here are some of our most popular software development services:

Front-end software development is all about crafting the elements of a website or application that users interact with directly, such as checkboxes, buttons, dialog boxes, and forms. It often involves working with HTML5 or JavaScript and necessitates a deep understanding of various programming languages. While the focus is on creating an engaging user interface and experience, it's also crucial to ensure that these front-end elements work harmoniously with the system's backend to maintain overall functionality.

The Maennche Team brings a wealth of experience in front-end development, proficient in an array of programming languages to cater to the specific requirements of any custom software project. Whether it's PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, or others, we're equipped to bring your vision to life. Our software development team is committed to transforming your ideas into reality, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Back-end software development focuses on crafting the server-side scripting and codes that power a website or application's core functions. This includes essential operations like database management, file storage, authentication tools, and other server-dependent processes. Additionally, it often involves the integration and creation of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for bespoke requirements.

At Maennche Software Services, our adept software development team is well-equipped to handle all your back-end development needs. We excel in developing efficient server-side applications and databases that, when seamlessly integrated with sophisticated front-end coding, deliver a smooth and engaging user experience. Our developers are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, continually enhancing their skills in coding and back-end solutions, and ensuring your software scales effectively with your business growth.

Full-stack software development represents the fusion of back-end and front-end development disciplines, all handled by a single provider or team. In today’s digital landscape, full-stack developers stand out for their versatility, making them invaluable for businesses aiming to capitalize on digital opportunities.

The Maennche Team possesses a comprehensive grasp of both front-end and back-end development fundamentals, enabling us to deliver a cohesive and efficient approach to software development. Our team of dedicated software developers is ready to support your new projects or assist with the modernization and maintenance of existing ones. You can count on us to bring your digital visions to life, ensuring your software solutions are robust, scalable, and tailored to your unique needs.

Data is increasingly recognized as a pivotal asset for businesses, with its analytics playing a crucial role in unlocking their full potential. AI-enabled software development crafts frameworks that address the unique challenges preventing businesses from harnessing artificial intelligence effectively. The spectrum of possibilities ranges from basic chatbots to sophisticated automated marketing solutions, offering expansive opportunities for growth to companies eager to innovate from the outset.

For nearly five years, Maennche Software Services has been at the forefront of AI-enabled software development, with our team delivering numerous successful AI projects for our clients. We are committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies that not only support business operations but also drive continuous growth. Our dedication lies in finding and applying new tech solutions that offer tangible benefits and propel businesses forward.

In recent years, businesses that have ventured into mobile app development for their customers have seen remarkable success. This trend aligns with the fact that approximately 97% of the population owns a cell phone, with 85% of those being smartphones. The shift towards mobile-first strategies is gaining momentum, making it an opportune time to collaborate with a skilled developer to launch your business's mobile applications.

While mobile app development may differ from traditional software development, the Maennche Team is equipped with the expertise and resources to bring your mobile app vision to life. It's crucial to remember that both iOS and Android platforms are not open environments. Thus, enrolling in the respective developer programs and covering any associated fees is a necessary step before your app can be distributed. Our team is here to navigate these requirements with you, ensuring a smooth journey from conception to launch.

Cloud-based software development enables the creation of applications that users can access without the need to download or install anything on their devices. This approach streamlines the development process, making software and resources readily available to authorized users from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection for access and authentication.

Maennche Software Services brings a wealth of experience in cloud-based software development, assisting businesses of various sizes in crafting the ideal applications to fit their unique requirements. Beyond development, we guide our clients in selecting the most suitable hosting server for their software. We specialize in developing software for leading cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Computing, and Amazon Web Services, ensuring your business leverages the best in cloud technology.


Our Past Software
Development Projects


Your Online Digital Assistant (YODA) works to provide businesses with the tools they need to be successful online. The Maennche Team has had the privilege of working on several projects for YODA, including their AI-based news application, a simple analytics system for website admins, and their most recent Marketing CRM, which is considered the first of its kind.

TEDC provides non-traditional lending options to help promote and sustain small business growth in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When COVID-19 hit, the organization began receiving CARES Act money and needed a web-based system that would expedite the loan application process and provide a pathway to loan forgiveness - requirements that were achieved quickly by the developers at Maennche Software Services.

Certified Source is considered one of the largest staffing companies in Oklahoma, with four unique office locations. Maennche Software Services was fortunate to work with Certified Source to develop an Employee Time Tracking Portal. Certified Source can accurately track employee time through this system without requiring the high subscription fees associated with similar software.

TGI Greek is one of the longest-standing Greek apparel companies in the United States. To improve the experience that sorority and fraternity customers have, the Maennche was contacted to develop a Salesforce Order Automation strategy and other highly beneficial eCommerce functionality like abandoned cart design integrations and a complete website redesign.

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