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When a business is poised for growth, several pivotal considerations come into play. Often, the expansion of the internal team springs to mind first. However, business automation should not be overlooked and deserves a prime spot on your strategic agenda. The benefits of automating specific business processes are manifold and can significantly elevate operational efficiency.

Effective implementation of business automation tools can revolutionize company operations, dramatically enhancing productivity. For instance, while AI-powered digital assistants might not completely substitute human effort, they can substantially support and improve our working methods. It's noteworthy that around 15% of customer service interactions today are managed by chatbots, and these AI interfaces are increasingly outperforming sales teams in generating quality leads.

Automation can address a wide array of repetitive tasks, from customer engagement to streamlining internal workflows. Collaborating with a skilled business automation developer ensures these tasks are expertly managed, allowing your team to divert their focus from mundane duties to core business activities that drive growth and success. In essence, embracing automation not only optimizes efficiency but also liberates your staff to concentrate on what truly matters, marking a definitive stride towards achieving your business objectives.

Why is Business Automation
a Smart Choice?

As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset, and automation is a game-changer in optimizing its use. Automation streamlines tasks, reduces errors, and improves efficiency and customer satisfaction through AI-driven processes. It's not just about saving time; it's about enhancing operational effectiveness and freeing up resources for strategic growth and innovation, making it essential for any forward-thinking business.

Business Automation
is Effective

Seeking to maximize your team's potential? Effective business automation enables your team to handle diverse, ongoing campaigns with ease. For instance, automated marketing tools deliver crucial insights by tracking every digital interaction, from social media posts to emails. This feedback is invaluable, providing the data needed to optimize performance. Automation not only boosts efficiency but also empowers your team to focus on strategic tasks that add significant value.

Business Automation
Maintains Consistency

Consistency is key in business automation, providing a fail-safe system that ensures reliable results, regardless of external pressures on team members. This crucial stability significantly cuts down on human errors, which can be detrimental to a brand's reputation. Automation helps maintain a high standard of quality and performance, protecting your brand while enhancing operational efficiency.


What is Possible with Business Automation?

"What Can Business Automation Achieve?" poses an interesting question, but perhaps a more pertinent one is, "What can't automation achieve?" The realm of possibilities with business automation is vast—if it's conceivable, there's a good chance our development team can turn it into a reality. Recognizing that the potential of automation might not be immediately apparent to everyone, we're here to gently guide you toward envisioning what could be. A practical first step is to identify areas where your business might be facing inefficiencies or to consider how AI could enhance your operational processes.

To embark on your exploration of business automation, here are some points of departure:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automations
  • Business Process Automation
  • AI-Powered Automation
  • Human Resources Automation
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Finance and Accounting Automation
  • Social Media Automation
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Payment and Invoicing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Appointments and Scheduling

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Schedule a meeting with us to see how your business could benefit from our custom WordPress plugin development knowledge and expertise.

Take the First Step!

Schedule a meeting with us to see how your business could benefit from our custom WordPress plugin development knowledge and expertise.

Business Automation in Action: TEDC Reset

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) sought a business automation solution to streamline the loan application and approval workflow for the Tulsa County Business RESET Program. The aim was to develop software capable of efficiently managing the process, from identifying necessary documentation from applicants, to organizing and appropriately labeling these documents for formal use, and implementing measures for accountability to maximize the forgiveness of the loans provided.

To achieve these objectives, the project outlined several key specifications:

Automatically identify and notify applicants of the specific documents required for the loan they are applying for, guiding them through the completion and upload process seamlessly.

Implement a secure document management system for efficient recognition and renaming of uploaded documents, ensuring swift review by loan officers.

Achieve Integrate with the Tulsa County Commissioners' office for real-time loan application statistics and Google-powered analytics for enhanced program management.

The software proved to be a tremendous success, and with the program's conclusion, it opened up fresh avenues for application among both traditional and alternative lending providers. At its core, the software aims to streamline the loan application and review process, enhancing efficiency to facilitate faster access to funding for applicants. This success underscores the potential for the software to serve a broader spectrum of financial services, offering a promising outlook for future implementations.

How Did the TEDC Business Automation Software Work?

The TEDC Application Software was designed with the flexibility to support a wide range of application scenarios, catering to both for-profit and non-profit entities. Upon submission, the software intelligently evaluates each application, considering factors such as the company's type, number of employees, and other specific criteria. With this information, it automatically identifies and requests the necessary documents to streamline the loan process.

Given TEDC's role as a non-traditional lender with diverse loan granting methodologies, the software adeptly tailors the application process to suit each unique case. It carefully analyzes the specifics of the proposed loan types, ensuring applicants are presented with only the most relevant documents for their situation. It's important to highlight that the documentation requirement can vary based on the applicant's business structure (e.g., LLC, Corporation, or DBA), ensuring a customized approach that optimizes efficiency and accuracy in the loan application process.


For a loan application to be deemed successful, applicants are required to detail the intended use of the funds if granted. At this juncture, it's also necessary for applicants to provide comprehensive owner information and consent to a background check. This step is pivotal for assessing loan eligibility and enables loan processors to gauge the applicant's compatibility with the specified loan type, along with identifying any potential risks for the lender.

Upon submission through the TEDC Application Software, applications are automatically forwarded to the County Commissioners' office, enriching the pool of loan data with diverse demographic details, such as race, age, gender, and voting district. This integration allows for a more streamlined analysis of funding-seeking groups within the community.

To facilitate a smoother approval process, the software is integrated with SharePoint, where a dedicated folder for each application is automatically created to store all necessary documents. Each document is scanned for identification and then renamed with the applicant's name and date for easier tracking. A summary spreadsheet is generated to help loan processors quickly verify if the application meets the loan criteria.

Given the forgivable nature of the Tulsa County Business RESET Program, funded projects gain access to a "forgiveness center" within the software. This feature enables applicants to monitor their progress toward accumulating the required $5k in receipts for forgiveness. Receipts are categorized by type and expenditure, streamlining the tracking process. Upon meeting the forgiveness criteria, a notification is sent to a loan officer to mark the loan as closed, thereby finalizing the forgiveness process.

Our business automation software increased their productivity and capability to process applications by over 1000%! What could it do for your business?

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Boosting your company's productivity and saving money should be straightforward. If you're curious about how our business automation services can help, we're eager to hear about your goals and see how we can assist!