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The belief that effective marketing demands a large budget is a myth that unfortunately deters many small business owners from pursuing marketing strategies, opting instead to simply hope for walk-in customers. However, if there were accessible methods to market your business with minimal financial investment, would you seize the opportunity?

For numerous small business owners, meeting marketing objectives is a challenge due to limited resources and time. As a VCMO, I've guided many small businesses to leverage their modest budgets for significant results through cost-effective marketing strategies. In the Marketing on a Budget in 2020 workshop, Matthew Maennche is eager to share his expertise to help you grow your business this year.

Navigating marketing solutions for your small business doesn't have to be daunting, even with a constrained budget. It's crucial to discern effective strategies from futile expenditures to avoid wasting resources. In this workshop, Matthew Maennche will clarify and provide the essential knowledge small business owners need to flourish in marketing, regardless of budget size.

Whether your marketing budget is tight or you have a bit more to spend, you can still effectively market your small business to engage your desired audience and turn them into loyal supporters. Matthew Maennche of myVCMO will introduce you to practical, implementable tactics to market your small business efficiently. Join us for Marketing on a Budget in 2020 and discover how to attract more customers seeking businesses just like yours. Let's make this year the most successful one yet for your business!

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