Would you seize the opportunity to shape your company's first impression for the majority of your target audience? Maennche Marketing provides local citation services designed to put your business on the map, enabling you to connect with your local target audience effectively.

Businesses listed on Google Maps and other local directories become more discoverable, offering a convenient online directory filled with essential business information for users. This platform is a godsend for businesses everywhere, provided they dedicate the time to manage their presence and stand out from their competitors.

However, the platform's ease of access and cost-effectiveness may lead to a lack of originality, causing businesses to merge into the industry backdrop rather than shine. Not fully leveraging the platform's potential can impede sales and outreach. Maennche Marketing is here to elevate your business by expertly managing, strategizing, and maintaining your Google My Business presence.


With Google My Business, we have the capability to elevate your business listing above your local competitors whenever someone searches for your business name or related keywords. Critical business details like your contact number, website, address, review ratings, operational hours, and more will be instantly accessible to prospective customers.

This powerful platform enables us to fine-tune your online footprint and shape the initial impressions you make. You'll not only become more accessible to potential clients, but you'll also likely see a noticeable uptick in sales and business opportunities.

At Maennche Marketing, we're committed to ensuring your business maximizes its use of this platform. Our tailored Google My Business Strategy is designed to help both small and large businesses expand their visibility and become the go-to option for local clients.

Other benefits you will get from our Google My Business strategy are:

Boost Sales with Google Maps

Once your Google My Business account is up and running and verified, you'll likely see a boost in local sales. This is because the listing feature makes it easy for potential customers to find your business. An impressive 86% of people turn to Google Maps to discover businesses in their vicinity, and they are 50% more inclined to make a purchase after using this platform for their research. Convenience is key for customers regardless of their location, and by providing an easy-to-find option, your exposure and sales will surge swiftly.

Become Part of The Local Top 3

For those unfamiliar with Google's local search results, it's interesting to note that the top three businesses appear above the map, in what's known as the local 3-pack. This coveted spot isn't something businesses can simply pay for; it requires a strategic approach. Our method concentrates on elevating your business into this local 3-pack by fine-tuning your SEO and enhancing your local rankings.

Google reveals that businesses featured in the local 3-pack experience an impressive 700% increase in clicks compared to those that aren't highlighted in this exclusive spot!


How Can Maennche Marketing Help You Get on Maps?

Choosing Maennche Marketing for Google My Business management to get your company listed on the maps is a strategic move to boost your sales and broaden your reach. Whether it's about revitalizing an existing account or setting up a new Google My Business account from scratch, we're here to support you every step of the way.

While it's feasible, many business owners find they lack the time or resources to effectively manage their Google My Business listings or other local citations. The local citation specialists at Maennche Marketing are committed to crafting strong maps listings and keeping them up-to-date to consistently deliver value. Our team is prepared to establish the most effective account for your business, offering services that include:

  • Manage your Google My Business page
  • Create a Google My Business account for you
  • Setup Google My Business
  • Search Optimize your Google My Business page
  • Claim your Google My Business
  • Enable messaging
  • Answer questions to existing and potential costumers
  • Monitor reviews left on your profile
  • Respond to reviews left in your profile
  • Post discounts and specials
  • Post-holiday hours for your business
  • Post updates to your account
  • Open your business in google
  • Add the services your business offers to your Google My Business listing
  • Add photos
  • Add videos
  • Set a logo for your business
  • Monitor your business performance on Google My Business
  • Provide reports of your business performance in Google My Business.

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