What Is the True Cost of a Software Development Team?


Most modern companies rely on software to keep their business running and limit the number of tough decisions they have to make daily. Often, the first thing they consider when choosing that software is whether the expenses are worth the reward. But what happens when you need custom software development to expand your capabilities or replace your existing software? This article will explore some of the costs associated with a good software development team and why it makes sense to choose a high-quality partner.

Unless a person is part of the software development crowd, there's a good chance that they don't know how high the actual costs of building a high-quality application or program are. While this may lead to sticker shock and the decision to partner with a different, cheaper development partner, this is often a huge mistake. Anyone who goes down that path will likely end up with a finished product that doesn't actually meet their needs.

Exploring Software Development Costs
at a Positional Level

To help better explain the actual cost of a software development team, I thought it would be good to look at the median salary associated with each individual position that may be needed to create the finished product. These expenses make it much easier to determine what functions are required to complete the custom software development project and justify those costs.

It Seems a Little Overwhelming, Doesn’t It?

If you were to take on all of these positions as a business, you would be on the hook for roughly $432k in salaries alone to complete your custom software project. To make matters worse, that doesn't even include the equipment and software needed to build the frameworks required for the software. Even from a monthly standpoint, that is still $36k. How many businesses can spend that amount of money?

What Resources Are Needed for a Successful Software Development Team?

Once you have hired your software development team, you will need to ensure that they have the resources, tools, and software required to complete the custom projects you have in mind. As you might imagine, this will lead to substantially more costs – and the requirements needed to get started may surprise you. For example, let's look at some of the software costs that Maennche Virtual CMO utilizes for clients.

Anyone keeping score will already know that is a minimum of $156 extra each month just for the required software. Even worse, the * next to the pricing signifies that it is just a starting price and that they can scale up based on the needs of your software development team. With the combined salary and tools costs, there's a good chance you are looking for a more affordable alternative.

The good news? There is one!

Why Does Custom
Software Development Make Sense?


While it is unrealistic for a business to hire its own software development team, the costs associated with doing so would be monumental. With a clear picture of the associated costs, there's a good chance that you can better understand why custom software development comes with the pricing that it does – particularly if you want it done correctly.

The average cost of custom software development can vary between $10k to $100k, depending on the project's scope. Compared to the costs attributed to each position required to complete a custom software development project, it's much easier to see why the costs are justified. In fact, there is often minimal mark-up associated with the sticker price, given the time and effort required to complete most projects.

Maennche Virtual CMO has helped countless businesses expand their growth opportunities by developing custom software. The best news is that our team can help make it a reality no matter what you are dreaming. There is no limit to our capabilities, from mobile apps to a complete CRM, and we want to create the perfect software to meet your needs. All it takes to get started is a phone call to discuss your needs!

What Custom Software Do You Need?

No matter what size your business is or your budget, Maennche Virtual CMO has a retainer-based custom software development plan that will work for you. Take the first step today to learn if our approach is the right fit for your business! Schedule a meeting with us to see how your business could benefit from our knowledge and expertise.