Featured snippets

Featured snippets give a summarized answer to a specific question asked on Google.

Local Pack

Local packs show location-based results based on the subject of the query and searcher’s geographic location. Local businesses (especially in food / service industries) are commonly found in local packs.


Star ratings will appear under a domain’s result if the website’s business has received Google reviews from Internet users.


Sitelinks appear below a search result description and offer links to more related areas and subfolders of the website.


Video listings are simply search results that offer videos.

Featured Video

A featured video is a video result that appears at the top of the results page. Featured videos are more prominent compared to video results, which can show up anywhere in the results.

Top Stories

Top stories are news-related results that appear at the top of a SERP if there are current events or news related to the query.

People also ask

People also ask boxes are additional questions related to the search query that appear on the SERP.


Image results appear for searchers where visual aid is deemed relevant by Google. Image results can appear in any position on a SERP, and draw in the eyes of searchers.


Twitter cards generally appear less than halfway down the page and display the most recent or trending tweets related to the query.

Instant Answer

These results pop up when Google can serve as a quick answer to a searcher’s query. These answers are sourced from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Knowledge Panel

These panels appear, often on the right side of the SERP, and provide background knowledge about a topic. Knowledge panels are common among queries for a famous person, place or thing.

Shopping Ads

These results display product ads of businesses using the Google Shopping network, also known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs). These results are technically advertisements, not SERP Features, but they are on this list because of their impact on a SERP.


Accelerated Mobile Pages are a form of light-weight coding for mobile webpages. AMPs are labeled in Google’s results with a lightning bolt icon that tells searchers that the page will be fast and easy to browse on a mobile device. These are not SERP Features by nature, but we mention it because Google will indicate AMPs on the SERPs and they are important.

Google Ads Top

While these results aren’t organic SERP Features (you have to pay for them), they can take up the first four positions on the SERP, which is valuable real estate for a search marketer. Google Ads at the top of a SERP can indicate a higher level of competition for a keyword. Keep in mind that Google Ads ads are technically not SERP Features, but we include them in this list because their nature in taking up space on the results pages is similar.

Google Ads Bottom

While Google Ads ads usually take up the top of a SERP, they can also take up space at the bottom of the results page if there are enough advertisers.