(TULSA, OK – 5/28/2019) – As a sub-recipient of the City of Tulsa’s Community Development Block Grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) works to drive small business success through non-traditional lending programs. With a past rooted as an advocate for small businesses in the Tulsa area, Matthew Maennche has worked tirelessly to help small businesses achieve their full potential through digital marketing. Now a newly elected member of the TEDC Board of Directors, Maennche hopes to make a positive impact in building business momentum across the city.

As an unconventional lender, TEDC makes direct loans and works with several financial institutions across the region to help small businesses find the right loan for their needs. As a virtual Chief Marketing Officer, Maennche has helped small business owners create a path to success that would be unavailable without the large budget required to hire a full-time chief marketing officer. Maennche hopes to continue this momentum as a member of the TEDC Board of Directors and is excited to provide his expertise to the small business owners in Tulsa.

Matthew Maennche Virtual CMO

With nearly 20 years of experience managing marketing campaigns for businesses all over the world, Maennche originally became a vCMO after helping small businesses recover from website design errors or trouble with reputation management.  After seeing the need for extensive marketing expertise at the small business level, Maennche took on the role of a Virtual CMO to provide valuable experience on a part-time basis at a fraction of the cost. As a member of the TEDC Board of Directors, Maennche will strive to continue this mission and help those looking to achieve the American dream obtain the resources they need for success.

By simply having access to someone who actually understands how digital marketing works, businesses can leverage things like Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing to increase their presence, service area and most importantly bottom line. That is exactly what Matthew Maennche does as a vCMO. With just one meeting, you will see what makes the services of a vCMO different.

***For more information on Matthew Maennche and the services he provides, please visit https://agency.maennche.com/. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Matthew Maennche at (918) 352-6109.