According to the most recent data available, an average consumer encounters nearly 10,000 brand messages each day. With the continued growth of new methods and resources like social media that help spread messages quickly this number is expected to continue to grow at an alarming rate. With seemingly endless competition to position your business in front of potential customers, how can you be sure that your marketing message is making the most impact possible?

Given Microsoft’s claim that the average attention span is no longer than eight seconds, it should be no surprise that the average person shifts their attention between screens as much as 21 times each hour. Each of these shifts provides a new outlet that could be used to successfully market your brand. However, finding the right strategist and their ability to leverage marketing channels efficiently to consistently target your ideal client is central to success.


Marketing campaigns will often fail because the agency or partner that businesses chose will frame the strategy to achieve their own unique terms. While it is important for agencies to be experts in what they do, agencies that don’t put the needs of their customer and proper strategies to achieve their unique goals first will rarely succeed.  For this reason, it is important to find the strategist or agency that will closely work with you to achieve your desired outcomes while efficiently using your marketing budget.

Finding the appropriate audiences for your business are and targeting their exact needs is one of the easiest ways that marketers can fine-tune a marketing campaign and add real value to their clients. Although click-bait advertising has grown to attempt and capitalize on this, once a potential customer realizes they have been duped the plan rarely succeeds. As an alternative, marketers should strive to continually create and utilize relevant and engaging content that provides value.

Give Your Customers What They Really Want

With the right message, it can be possible to effectively reach your audiences and keep them locked into your brand. Although gaining your customer’s attention in a competitive environment can seem increasingly difficult, the right placement at the right time can set you apart from competitors.  This distinct goal should be at the foremost of any marketing strategy and should be completed with extensive research and dedication.

Although there are likely many companies competing for the same customers as your business, it doesn’t mean that they are doing it well. Finding the right place in a crowded industry for your business is critical for distinguishing your brand from the rest of the pack and, in turn, creating new, lifelong customers.  One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by focusing on the right emotion and crafting your campaign to elicit that response from your target audiences.

Even if your campaign isn’t quite providing the results you had hoped for right out of the gate, it is providing a learning experience to help you continually improve. The average number of times your potential customer needs to see your marketing message before taking action could be as high as 20 times. So, in theory, by the 20th time they are exposed to your brand, your message should hit home and spur them into action if you have continued to test and refine your message.

One way this strategy is successfully implemented is through the use of “drip-marketing” to keep your brand fresh in the mind of a potential customer. By constantly seeing your message, an imprint can be created in the memory of that person that builds brand recognition as long as it’s relevant and engaging. Instead of focusing on content that is “just ok” work with your strategist or agency to provide the best content possible and gain your customer’s attention in an increasingly digital world.