Building a successful brand or business requires the ability to deliver high-quality products and services while remaining relevant and interesting to prospective customers. Whether you are launching a local business, an online startup, or if you are seeking new ways to gain followers and interest in your brand, marketing in 2019 does not have to break your budget. With the right marketing ideas and strategies, outperform your competition while solidifying your company's place in any target market or industry.

Use Social Media to Create a Sense of Community Among Your Followers

Social media is one of the most popular marketing vehicles used by both small and large businesses alike. With the right social media presence, maximize your online reach and exposure on any budget.

Streamline your social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest using the same name, profile picture, and brand colors for a cohesive online appearance. Share your website's official URL within the descriptions of each of your social media pages to boost your site's SEO (search engine optimization) while attracting new leads and visitors.


Create an update calendar that ensures you do not miss out on the opportunity to attract new followers or to keep your current and loyal followers interested in what you have to say. Upload a variety of post types to develop a sense of community among your followers for your brand. Some of the most popular posts types to consider for your brand include:

  • News and Updates: Share the latest news regarding your business, new products, and upcoming releases you have planned.
  • Graphics and Video Media: Use high-quality graphics, photography, animations, and videos to showcase your brand's products, workplace, team, and events you host that represent your business.
  • Feedback Posts: Ask your audience of followers for input when developing your website, new products, or when you are planning to launch an upcoming contest or giveaway.
  • Fan Submissions: Share photos or videos of fan-submitted artwork along with photos of users promoting your products or the services you provide.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Host contests and giveaways to gain traction and promotion online while also maintaining the interest of your current and loyal fans.
  • Personal Updates: When you want to truly connect with your audience while breaking the traditional mold of remaining corporate and professional, sharing personal updates and stories helps to bring brands to life while giving them a human touch.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are essential to building brands today, especially if you are doing so solely online or if you are creating a business from the ground-up. Hosting contests and giveaways provide you with additional exposure without overspending on an ad campaign, optimal if you have a set budget in place or if you are seeking low-cost marketing solutions in 2019. Some of the most popular types of contests and giveaways for brands using social media include:

  • Freebies: Giving away free product or offering services to your followers is a great way to gain leads, referrals, and more traffic on your social media pages along with your official website.
  • Contests: The participation of a competitive contest among your followers is a great way to gain recognition while boosting the traffic your posts and social media feeds receive.
  • Discounts or Exclusive Offers: Providing incentives to your followers and users who are interested in shopping with you is a great way to generate additional sales, referrals, and revenue.

Use High-Quality Images And Infographics

Building a successful brand online is not always easy if you do not have professional and high-quality imagery to present yourself with when showcasing your products or services. High-quality images, graphics, and infographics help attract users to your social media pages while stopping them in their tracks each time they scroll social media or come across your post.

Use professional photography and graphics by utilizing online services that allow you to download or purchase images at a low cost. Consider working together with a professional photographer or graphic designer to create sets of images and designs that are most relevant to your business and the overall aesthetic you want to implement for your brand. Use platforms such as Canva and Piktochart to create professional graphics on your own even if you do not have experience with design and photography yourself.

Avoid using blurry, grainy, or outdated imagery when promoting a new brand to prevent dissuading users from visiting your website or placing trust in your business. Companies today often only have one opportunity to make a first impression, which is why it is imperative to use high-quality imagery with each post and promotion you share.

Repurpose Old Content While Creating New Unique And Engaging Content

Content is king and always has been when it comes to promoting websites and companies online. With high-quality content, keep current followers coming back for more while increasing the number of likes and shares you receive on social media. Simply reusing traditional topics that are used repeatedly in a saturated market can lead to followers feeling bored and uninterested.

When developing new content for your blog and social media updates, choose topics that are interesting to you or that provoke thought. Consider writing in-depth analysis blogs about topics that are most relevant to your audience or that are difficult to find elsewhere online. Implement social media integration along with the ability to comment to promote conversation and retention. The more unique, interesting, and engaging your content is, the easier it becomes to attract new followers while maximizing your online reach and the amount of exposure you receive on any budget.


A/B Testing And Social Media

A/B testing is one of the most important elements of launching successful marketing campaigns. A/B testing involves launching multiple advertisements with similar imagery and language to determine the best method of reaching your target audience. Changing images and copy slightly using different buzzwords, phrases, and keywords that are most relevant to your audience is a way to gain valuable insight into the type of advertisements that work best for your users and prospective customers.

Use social media platforms such as Facebook for total control over each individual ad campaign you launch along with the A/B testing you conduct. Review data and analytic reports you receive in depth with Facebook Ads to learn more about who is viewing your ads and engaging in them most. A/B testing is extremely valuable and with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook it is possible to launch campaigns even if you are on a strict budget.

Make tweaks to each individual ad campaign as you learn more about what works and what falls short of expectations for your audience. Spend only what you have available to avoid wasting your marketing budget on campaigns that are unappealing to your followers. Optimize your ads with A/B testing to maximize your online visibility while keeping your brand relevant and interesting.

Marketing in 2019 does not have to feel daunting or overwhelming once you have a clear strategy to present and promote your brand to prospective followers and customers. Staying current with the most popular marketing trends is one way to feel comfortable with and confident in the decisions you make with each new campaign you launch. Choosing low-cost marketing ideas that work for your business, brand, and the audience you want to reach is a way to make the most out of any budget while seeing the results you desire.