In crafting pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, Bing represents much more than just an alternative search engine. To truly tap into your target market, diversifying your marketing efforts to include "secondary" channels like Bing can be a smart strategy.

Maennche Marketing provides Microsoft Advertising management services designed to broaden your visibility and amplify business growth potential. With Bing Ads, you access approximately 17 percent of the search engine market share — an audience segment too significant to overlook.

Microsoft Advertising, offering PPC services on Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo, may not match Google's search volume but still boasts a substantial 400 million searches daily. These platforms accounted for 6% of the global search market share at the start of 2019. Considering not everyone uses Google for their searches, why confine your marketing efforts to just one platform?

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Bing Ads operates in a similar manner to Google Ads, with Microsoft Advertising providing a distinct pay-per-click marketing solution aimed at targeting specific audiences to boost both revenue and website traffic. This platform utilizes an auction system, enabling advertisers to display pertinent ads to users who are searching for specific keywords.


When choosing the advertising platform for your PPC campaign, consider leveraging both Google and Bing to maximize your reach. While Google dominates search engine traffic, exclusively using it means overlooking a segment of the audience that prefers Bing.

Microsoft Advertising presents an excellent opportunity to expand your business's visibility, particularly among users who aren't on Google. Advertising on Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo can be more cost-effective due to less competition, often yielding impressive results. However, crafting the right message and pinpointing your target audience remains key to campaign success.

Other ways your company will benefit by hiring Maennche VCMO for Bing Ad Management include:

Types of Bing Ads and Features

Opting for Bing Ads management with Maennche Marketing grants a business the flexibility to select from a variety of advertising options for its campaigns. Beyond these advantages, we can tailor campaigns to maximize reach while minimizing costs. Our team conducts thorough research to guarantee your budget is allocated efficiently, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar spent.

Text Ads

Bing offers businesses the option to incorporate detailed text ads into their PPC campaigns. These ads appear when a user searches for terms that match a keyword from your campaign, typically positioned above, below, or alongside the search results. This feature provides a strategic way to capture attention at critical moments.

Content Ads

Content ads enhance the versatility and scope of your ad placements, appearing across Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft, and their network of partners. If your business seeks support in crafting graphics or any other necessary content for these ads, our skilled team is ready to assist.

Product Ads

Bing showcases ads in its search results, featuring images, promotional text, prices, and company names. Through product ads, Bing helps drive increased sales to your company, offering indispensable support for online retailers managing an E-Commerce store.

With Bing Ads, a company also gets access to other features such as:

  • Advertise globally
  • Advertise locally
  • Reach customers in any country or region or within a specific distance from your business
  • Measure campaign performance reporting
  • Track your online advertising budget and spend
  • Evaluate ad and keyword performance
  • Develop insights for optimizing campaigns
  • Create a catalog for your products with Microsoft Merchant Center

Why Choose Maennche Marketing for Bing Ads Management?

Partnering with Maennche Marketing for Bing Ads management empowers a company to clearly define its goals and anticipate campaign outcomes. Whether you're aiming to overhaul an existing campaign or initiate a fresh Microsoft Advertising account, we're at your service. Our seasoned team has delivered advertising management across Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo for clients across a spectrum of industries.

Handling Bing ads in-house can be both costly and time-intensive as you navigate the optimal strategies for platform management and achieving successful results. Our team is committed to devising and executing the most efficient campaign tailored to your business needs.

Maennche Marketing can help your company improve reach in alternative search engines with our Bing Ads management services that include and are not limited to:

  • Industry/ Competition Research
  • Keyword selection
  • Ads Text Creation and Submission
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign management, strategy, and maintenance
  • Copywriting for new campaigns
  • Bid and budget optimizations
  • Geo-targeting strategy

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