We Love To Work With Small Businesses!


Hello, My Name Is Matthew Maennche.

As a fellow entrepreneur I have started, grown, closed and sold quite a few businesses over the last 2 decades.

One thing that I have learned is that traditional marketing does not work. Interestingly enough, it is not for the reasons you would think.

See the last company I joined and helped triple in size was a marketing firm. I thought I could apply all the lessons I have learned over the years and piece by piece construct a firm that offered the services small businesses need the way they need them. Now before we get too far along let me point out, the company tripled in size over a very short period of time.

So the strategy worked but it did not work they way I had hoped. See, as with all entrepreneurial adventures, I learned something else. A missing link if you will.

One meeting and you are guaranteed to understand what makes us different from every other marketer you have ever met.

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In this global economy, the digital world has been so excitedly building, Small Business owners are competing head to head with medium and large corporations in the same vertical. A HUGE piece of the puzzle larger companies have is an experienced Chief Marketing Officer. Not someone who can help make an email newsletter or talk to billboard companies but someone who can develop an overall strategy.

For an average Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, you are looking at $200,000 per year. That is a lot for a small business to spend on an average team member. For someone who is “more than average” you are looking at closer to $300,000 plus benefits.

By design small businesses can not afford the tools needed to aggressively compete with larger corporations but yet they have no choice if they want to stay alive.

This is where I come in, I developed a process in 2016, and now work as a part time Chief Marketing Officer or Virtual CMO. I work with many different companies all over the country. Through this method I am able to assist your team with cutting edge marketing strategy at a part time rate thus giving you access the tools needed to compete with those larger competitors.

How do we do it?

You will have to schedule an introductory meeting to find out. 🙂

Sorry just like yours, this is our business and we cannot give away all our secrets without a conversation.