Deano’s Senior Transit was born out of the inability to secure reliable transportation for Meredith’s grandmother.  The family became frustrated with companies that were constantly late or even forgot about the pick-up of her grandmother.  Their fleet was not maintained or clean and the drivers were unprofessional. These companies just had all-around bad customer service.

Deano’s is different. They sought out specialized non-emergency medical transport vehicles that can transport ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients at the same time.  Oxygen is also provided in the vehicles for their riders. These high-end vehicles are loaded with technology and are maintained and cleaned daily to ensure they are ready for the next day.


This Team has provided excellent services in maintaining our Website and Social Media, including other IT services.

Maennche Virtual CMO is a Genuine and Caring Team. Without their Mentorship, Encouragement, and push to Persevere Deano's Transit would not be where it is today.

~Meredith Ruhmann


'We had a business idea and a business plan, but no customers yet and weren’t sure how to get them."


"They helped us set goals for our company that were obtainable-- growing from 0 rides to 30 rides per day in 6 months! We now have a dominating presence in the industry which allows us to be easily found by our ideal client. We also have a solid foundation for our sales process."


"First, they helped by developing a marketing plan. Part of that was to develop our online presence. They helped us identify who our ideal client would be, then they identified how that client would be looking for a service like ours. After that, they created our online presence around those channels. They also helped us with designing print materials; brochures and magnets. We also needed a CRM and scheduling system, which they helped us put together and implement. Plus, they worked directly with our existing web site agency to build a website that appeals directly to our ideal customer. And they helped us identify search phrases that our ideal clients would use."

Deano with Wheelchair


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